X-PHY Cloud service


X-PHY Cloud Hosting offers a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions
designed to meet the diverse needs of modern businesses.

From Basic Compute and Hi-performance Compute for flexible and powerful computing
resources, to Website Hosting and Databases for managing online presence and data assets,
to Email hosting for secure and efficient communication, our X-PHY Cloud Hosting provide
reliable, scalable, and feature-rich infrastructure to support your business operations.

Basic Compute
Hi-Performance Compute
Website Hosting


At X-PHY Cloud, we understand the paramount importance of secure
and accessible cloud storage solutions for modern enterprises.

With our comprehensive cloud storage offerings, we provide two distinct options tailored to your specific needs: object storage and collaborative cloud file storage. Our object storage solution ensures seamless scalability and durability for managing large volumes of unstructured data, while our collaborative cloud file storage facilitates efficient teamwork and data sharing, enhancing productivity across your organization.

Object Storage
File Storage (Collaboration Cloud)


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